Mikael Elias Teoretiska Gymnasium Göteborg (2010 – 2014)

Natural sciences


Gothenburg University (2015-2018)

Media, communication and PR (180 credits)


Business economics (30 credits)


IE Business School (2017)

Positioning: What you need for a successful Marketing Strategy


Market Research & Consumer Behaviour


California Institute of the Arts (2017)

Fundamentals of Graphic Design



Social Media intern – NA-KD (2018)

As a social media intern I came up with ideas, wrote storyboards and captured content for our Instagram stories, Snapchat and Youtube. I found, contacted and established relationships with influencers for our social channels. I was also responsible for NA-KD’s Youtube channel where I came up with a lot of different ideas for inspirational and engaging content, published videos and made sure the channel had a red line and structure.


Communicator - Göteborg Energi (2017)

As a communicator at Göteborg Energi I created an internal communication plan.



Events and Communication intern - insideout AB (2017)

As an intern at the event bureau insideout I worked mainly with events, project management and communication, but also with marketing and graphic design. This included coming up with ideas and moodboards for events, creating printed matter in InDesign, photographing, copywriting assignments, creating presentations etc.



Salesperson - Linnégatans Ost (2014-2017)

As a salesperson at Linnégatans Ost I worked at various markets and fairs where we sold cheese and accessories. The work required great service and the ability to work under stress. It was a very fun workplace where I got to talk and help customers in a positive and pleasant way.



Salesperson - BR Leksaker (2013-2017)

At BR Leksaker I packed up goods, worked in the stock and at the checkout. This job included alot of work with customer service and I also gained insight of how it is to run a store.



Grounds Maintenance - Liserberg (2016)

At Liseberg I had to make sure that the park was clean and nice for all guests. This included removing garbage, empty trash baskets, but also helping lost children, responding to questions from guests and solving any problems that may arise. The work contained a lot of joy and I loved to help and talk with the guests.



Environment host - Bostads AB Poseidon (2014-2016)

As an environmental host at Poseidon, I worked with gardening and property management. This was a physical work that required great responsibility, good teamwork and to complete different tasks and areas as efficiently as possible.



Sales support - Kvadrat AB (2014-2015)

As sales support at Kvadrat I updated contact registers, called companies for contact information, and compiled lists.



Fluent in Swedish and English. I can also read, speak and write a little French.






Yes, a B Driving License!






I have certificates from BR Leksaker, Bostads AB Poseidon and a service certificate from Liseberg. I also have certificates from IE Business School and California Institute of the Arts.






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